Our Abseiling Department provide specialist rope access services which are widely utilised in building maintenance and industrial sectors. Rope based services provide a fast and effective method to gain access to high level, hard to access locations with the benefit of being quickly mobilised with minimum disruption. Ropes barely infringe on public access compared to scaffold and mechanical methods which usually require a large area to base out on. If the building is a finished product scaffold and mechanical options can make the structure look like a construction site as opposed to rope which barley infringes upon the aesthetic appearance of the building. On a final note rope access has the benefit of being able to operate legally without the requirements of permits which are is often a long and drawn out process.

PHD HM do not believe in sticking to traditional methods and equipment but constantly develop innovative strategies and solutions as evidenced at the Olympic Park. The solution involved suspending scaffold pods from chains 100ft in the air to create a “workplace in the sky” which proved to be a safe and secure working environment for the steel company. The chains were put in position by PHD HM supplied abseilers to form teams with the scaffolders to construct the access structure.

This innovative approach is typical of how PHD HM combine all forms of access disciplines and equipment to provide solutions and service second to none.