A construction team working on a high rise tower will need to ensure that they have the most efficient access system available for getting personnel and materials to the work face whilst keeping the minimum opening, for access into the building. At PHD HM we use the Construction Access Systems (CAS) modular Common Tower system. The Common Tower concentrates the hoisting in one area and allows cladding to be installed around the open faces of the building, whilst minimising the opening into the building under construction.The CAS Common Tower can accommodate conventional twin car single mast hoists, the large Mammoth single car twin mast hoists or the CAS integrated staircase structure on any of its faces. The Common Tower is of a modular design and is capable of adaption to different sizes and shapes to suit various site conditions and to accommodate twin hoists up to two metres wide.

PHD Hoists and Masts Ltd have combined with Alimak Hek and CAS to provide a solution for efficient vertical access for men and materials to high rise buildings. A bespoke tower is designed for each project. The tower limits the amount of openings required into the building as all the hoists (upto 8 hoists) can be tied directly to the tower. Welfare facilities can be designed at appropriately spaced levels limiting time for personnel travelling to use the facilities. Various combinations of passenger and goods hoists can be used to maximise the transportation of men and materials. The standard tower can provide a 5m x 5m clear space capable of a 5t load and include a staircase. The platform can facilitate the loading of pods for transfer into the building. The system is modular and can be designed into many configurations and dimensions combined with the hoists of your choice the possibilities are almost limitless.