Hoists are temporary construction elevators that are powered vertically by electricity driving a cage on a rack and pinion system to quickly carry goods or passengers to a given floor level. The spine of the Hoist is formed in stacked modular mast sections allowing the system to easily adapt to differing height requirements. Hoists come in various configurations and sizes which are defined by site space and also the loadings they will subjected to.

There are two main types of Hoist associated with construction:
(1) Passenger Hoist
(2) Goods Hoist

Passenger Hoist
Passenger hoists are lighter duty and smaller in size to carry operatives to relevant floor levels in an elevator style function.

Good Hoists
Good Hoists are heavy duty and high load bearing allowing material and equipment to efficiently be transported to the required floor level. This comes in useful when there is only little or no crane availability on site.