Contractor - John Sisk & Son Limited

The owners of Pioneer Point had to carry out remedial works. A prestigious building in the center of Ilford which can be clearly seen from up to 5 miles away. It consists of 2 tower blocks (67m & 84m high) constructed on a 16m high Podium. The problem was how to get access to this glass facade building? A logistical Nightmare.


  • The podium can only be accessed on two sides.
  • One side is on the busiest road in Ilford where it forms a junction with the largest roundabout in Ilford.
  • The other short elevation is in a narrow road which give access to the loading / service bay for the building and on the opposite side to the delivery bays of three major commercial outlets. 


PHD were consulted and we came up with the winning scheme. Which was to provide scaffolding access to the podium area from the pavement. This had the added benefit of providing protection to the public from the high level works. However all is not as simple as that, significant bridging had to be incorporated into the scaffold to maintain access to busy commercial areas and bus stops.


  • The higher level access to the towers is by mast climbing work platform (MCWP), which are erected and dismantled progressively around the building. However – fire escape access had to be maintained as well as access to the podiums and plant rooms. This required the construction of significant gantries and support scaffolds for the MCWP from the podium.
  • The scaffold from the pavement to the podium had to be erected over night at weekends to cause the minimum amount of disruption and this was achieved without problem.
  • All the equipment that was erected from the podium was craned directly from the Lorries onto the podium. To achieve this PHD had to liaise with the local council and police to agree road and lane closures and with the transport authorities to suspend bus stops.
  • PHD’s Logistics Manager arranged the transport, cranes and traffic management with military precision and the equipment was delivered over 4 weekends due to the limited storage space on the podium. Each night PHD had only a six hour slot to set up, off load and de-rig etc. to speed up operations all the equipment was pre slung on the lorries when they were loaded.

The project continues on time on budget..