Contractor - BFK JV and Crossrail

Name: Farringdon Station, Crossrail Project
Client: Sorba (UK) Ltd.

PHD Hoists & Masts was invited by Sorba (UK) Ltd, the cladding contractor on the Crossrail Project, to innovate an access solution to clad the escalator shaft nr 10 and 11.


  • Required specialist input from designers and the manufacturer's engineers in Spain.
  • Mobility of machine was impeded by various issues.
  • Working Platform required at 30 degree angle.


PHD mobilised the technical team of design engineers and innovators, including engineers from the manufacturers in Spain to liaise with the client and the project engineering team.

PHD presented several proposals over a period of approx. 12 months to find a solution that was workable and acceptable to all parties.

The resulting design was an Inclined Mast Climbing Work Platform at 30 degree angle giving access across the escalator shaft. The prototype was tested rigorously in the factory in Spain and our team flew over to ensure the final design complied with all the client’s requirements prior to being signed off for production.

Whilst in production the design had to be modified to overcome obstacles which impeded the mobility of the machine. These obstacles were initially identified by the 3D designs that were provided by Hoists & Masts in-house designers saving time and resources. (see gallery)

The finished product was shipped to the UK and installed by PHD H&M Engineers and Installers, tested and handed over to the client, Sorba UK Ltd.

PHD is immensely proud of the achievement in overcoming the challenges set by the client and the team of engineers from the principal contractor BFK JV and Crossrail. We would like to extend our gratitude and congratulate everyone involved on this project.