Contractor - City of Westminister

The Project was to provide access from low level roofs to a high rise building in a busy city location without disrupting the workers in the office, the local high profile residents and maintaining a high level of security. Road access was limited to weekends only and access still had to be maintained to the underground car park and bus lanes. 


  • All equipment to be loaded onto low level roofs which had a very low loading capacity.
  • Adjoining buildings on 3 sides restricted access
  • Bus lanes, car park and restricted access meant that the crane set up 20m away from the building
  • Depth of floor slab meant that Ties had to be positioned to underside of slab inside the building
  • Floor to ceiling window sections had to be removed to fix tie’s and then made weatherproof and security established. On dismantle the window section had to be reinstated.
  • Fixing the ties and the associated work was very time consuming in a very time limited window.
  • For security reasons certain floors could not be used which meant tie distances had to be extended which required engineering and installation challenges.


The design team overcame the limitations of the available tie positions and successfully spread the loads over the roofs. The installation team worked long and demanding weekends liaising closely with the client and residents in this busy city location. The installation team managed the road closures, crane set up and deliveries, without supervision from the main contractor. This was a particularly demanding project due to time and access limitations and several security alerts. The Installation team are to be commended for their positive attitude and determination to achieve programme irrespective of obstacles.

This project was an impressive 60m high in the air from the 20m podium below.