Equipment : Mast Climbing Work Platform
Innovation : Bespoke 30deg incline
Project : Crossrail

PHD Hoists and Masts have long recognised the benefits that mast climbing work platforms (MCWP) have to offer for projects and have a designated department that specialise in this area of access expertise. Mast Climbers offer a number of benefits and are commonly used by PHD Hoists and Masts to provide solutions for external and internal facade projects. MCWP cut down on worker fatigue, enable operatives to work from optimum height and can increase project time by up to 35% if used in the right environment.

PHD’s design department regularly produce CGI whilst developing schemes to demonstrate to clients the benefits and possibilities of access by using MCWPs. One such project demanded a need for a specially designed travellator at 30deg angle for the Crossrail Project, The initial concept designs gives the client a visual of what the finished product would look like and what is to be expected.

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